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Thursday, May 12, 2011

bbr015... Distro updates...

Back in Vancouver, thanks a lot to all the promoters and friends and bands and Dayglos that made the DAYGLO ABORTIONS/ CIRCLE THE WAGONS tour such a frickfuckin' blast. CIRCLE THE WAGONS is writing for a new LP to be out this year, first album in 6 years and I dare say, the new
stuff is sounding pretty tasty.

So bbr015's on the way, first release in a year, ulp. Have I said a damn thing about it yet? Oh shit, that's right! The AHNA LP repress will be on Black Banana! If you're a smart smartypants you already own this but if you're collector scum you're gonna need this too, since it comes with awesome new screened artwork. AHNA hail from Vancouver, and Vancouver hails AHNA. Two piece bass/ drums/ noise drone violence that is harsh and unsettling. The album held semi-permanent residence on my turntable, and I'm downright giddy to help with the repress.This record is the most disturbing and ugly thing to be adorned with the shameful Banana crest. While your jonesing for the second issue of this vinyl noose,  go find a copy of their new split 7" with SHEARING PINX, cuz that shit will also fist your brain hole. Scope 'em on MySpace and Facebook and concede that music was indeed a cute fad.

Finally added a few items to the distro I picked up months ago. Shit from PUNCH, WADGE/ ENDLESS BLOCKADE, ICE NINE, and SUFFERING MIND now available for your blind hoarding.