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Sunday, March 31, 2013


Well it's been super quiet around BananaHQ lately. My cash flow has dried up quite a bit and other things in life have had to take precedent, so I haven't been able to commit to any new projects. The immediate future isn't looking a whole lot brighter to be honest; I wouldn't expect to see the Black Banana insignia plastered too much in 2013, but never say never.

The OBACHA/ CHETWRECKER split has predictably taken much longer than anticipated, but I should have my copies when PRISON VIOLENCE return from their west coast jaunt at the end of April. I'll be looking to trade them fucks when I get 'em.

Updated the tours page for the first time in donkeys. Rad bands crossing the bad lands.

Despite the label crickets I've still managed to get involved with some other cool shit. I'm still (kind of) involved in the SCREAM// WRITHE distro. Taylor's been getting shit done and launched a new site, beefed the stock up like a motherfucker, and generally made everything pretty damn legit while I stood by making snide comments and bitching about postal rates.

Beyond that I started singing for a new band called SUBSIST, we've played a handful of shows thus far and are working on a tape release. I'll toss a link up once we establish some kinda online presence. Of all the bands I've ever been in, this is the closest to what I've hoped to realize.

I've also been involved in a new punk space/ venue/ infoshop in east Vancouver. The first handful of events have been awesome and there's lots more rad shit to happen. If you're in Vancouver keep your ear to the ground.

Till neck's thyme!