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Saturday, February 26, 2011

New 7"es in distro/ Tours and tours

Added some new titles to the distro- CRUCIAL SECTION, LOUTISH, STRAINS OF THE APOCALYPSE, SLAPENDEHONDEN/ TERRORAZOR, and SFN. That SFN EP has got to retroactively be my favorite 7" of 2010. Brutal fucking left field powerviolence all the waaaaaaay yo. Or something. Of course all these records are worthy of your time and five-spot. Vancouver skids, I'll be at the ALF HOUSE show on Sunday w/ FROM THE DEPTHS, PLAGUE MASS and AHNA, there's not a spare inch in that house to set up a distro but get in touch and I can bring anything you might want.

SIX BREW BANTHA are touring the west coast of the US next month with LUNGE from Portland. Dates as follows
March 3rd Tacoma, WA @ The Red Room w/ Bully, Bad Genes
March 4th Seattle, WA @ Fort Drunkenfall w/ Numb, Dark Depths
March 5th Portland, OR @ Pez House w/ Hummingbird of Death
March 6th Eugene, OR @ TBA - HELP!
March 7th Help in Northern California?
March 8th Concord, CA @ House Show
March 9th Oakland, CA @ The Hazmat w/Ordstro, Stares, Tragic Ends, Wake the Machines
March 10th San Jose, CA @ Texas Toast House w/Godstomper, Ordstro
March 11th Los Angeles, CA @ House Show w/ Endless Demise, BrucexCampbell, Actuary, Jig's Up, Master Blaster, Warwhore
March 12th Los Angeles, CA @ House Show w/ ACxDC, Assworship, Whatshame?, Hoy Pinoy, Goner
March 13th San Fransisco @ Five Points Art House w/ Ordstro, Negative Standards, Burial Tide, Black America
March 15th Arcata, CA @ The Big Tree w/ Stress Relief
March 16th Portland, OR @ TBA

INVASIVES are also hitting the road for their first full cross-Canada excursion... funny that those guys can hit up Serbia and Bosnia before making it to Halifax. Anyhow all dates through May 6th are with The Kettle Black. Couple dates to be added still but more or less:
04.01.11 Victoria, BC Logan's w/ The Kettle Black
04.02.11 Vancouver, BC Funky Winkerbeans w/ The Kettle Black
04.07.11 Kamloops, BC Little Big House w/ The Kettle Black
04.11.11 Lethbridge, AB The Slice w/ The Kettle Black
04.13.11 Calgary, AB Vern's w/ The Kettle Black
04.14.11 Saskatoon, SK Cafe Sola w/ The Kettle Black
04.15.11 Regina, SK The Club w/ The Kettle Black
04.16.11 Brandon,MB The Brandon Inn / The Kettle Black
04.17.11 Winnipeg, MB War on Music AA w/ The Kettle Black
04.19.11 Sault Ste Marie, ON The Medicine Factory w/ The Kettle Black
04.20.11 Sudbury, ON The Townehouse w/ The Kettle Black
04.21.11 Streetsville, ON Marcellos w/The kettle Black
04.22.11 Oshawa, ON Atria w/ The Kettle Black
04.23.11 Hamilton, ON This Ain’t Hollywood w/ The Kettle Black
04.27.11 Kingston, ON Masion w/ The Kettle Black
04.29.11 Toronto, ON Siesta Nouveaux/studio BLR w/ The Kettle Black
04.30.11 Peterborough, ON The Spill w/ The Kettle Black
05.01.11 Ottawa, ON Rainbow w/ The Kettle Black
05.03.11 Montreal, QC Casa del Popolo w/ The Kettle Black
05.04.11 Saint John, NB Sunstar Lounge w/ The Kettle Black
05.05.11 Charlettown, PEI Baba's w/ The Kettle Black
05.06.11 Halifax, NS Gus's w/ The Kettle Black
05.07.11 Moncton, NB Plan B
05.11.11 Winnipeg, MB Royal Albert
05.12.11 Saskatoon, SK Amigos
05.13.11 Edmonton, AB DV8
05.14.11 Calgary, AB Palamino

CIRCLE THE WAGONS western Canadian tourdates coming soon. bbr015 and 016 being announced soon, more on that lay-turr.

Monday, February 7, 2011


...I added a couple new jams to the distro, all really good (AxRxM 7", Conflict Resolution 7", Fake Out/ Female Snake split 7"). Fans of violent power take note.
 Also check out the new Circle the Wagons Reverbnation page Western Canadian tourdates with the Dayglo Abortions forthcoming.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small distro update

Couple new rex in ye olde distroe... AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN/ OSK split 7"... AG are raging grinding violence from the UK that are one of the best bands these ears have heard in some time. OSK you should know by now, four splits in and they haven't had a misstep yet. Crazed fast fucking powerviolence that crams as many riffs as possible onto one side of a 45. Brilliant release.

Also got in the GODEATER/ KURT RUSSEL split 7". GODEATER play some wicked brutal powerviolence along the lines of CROSSED OUT and KURT RUSSELL sound exactly like you think a band called KRT RUSSELL would sound. Solid slab.