Welcome to Black Banana Records, another petty avenue for your adorable little fixation with abrasive music. The label's presently based out of Vancouver, BC, which aspring cartographers will gladly tell you is in Canada. To order or inquire about trades, e-mail blackbananarecords@gmail.com


All available titles are sold through Scream//Writhe, our co-op distro. For wholesale rates and to inquire about trades, e-mail blackbananarecords (at) gmail.com

Ahna/ Bridgeburner split LP (bbr019)
Two of BC's most unique and intense units combine to hurl a bleak split into the ether. Ahna run the gamut from  powerviolence and drone to black metal and crust tinged areas. No guitar present or needed. Bridgeburner work a sludgy, malicious strain of powerviolence that's engaging but brutal as fuck.

Violent Restitution LP (bbr018)
VANCOUVER KIND GRIND. Crusty, blasting grindcore of the old school that confronts oppression in all it's forms. Unapologetically furious both musically and lyrically. Co-release with Mercy of Slumber and What is Making Us Sick.

Six Brew Bantha LP (bbr017)
First full length from this ugly Victoria grind unit after a handful of demos and a split with ARCHAGTHUS. Those releases all ruled but this one's the game changer. Hasty blastbeats, inventive riffing and unholy vocals over million mph grind that sounds like it'll fall off the rails at any second but somehow holds it together. Mega label co-release with To Live a Lie, Black Raven and a ton of other killer labels.

Wake the Machines/ Ocksen split 7" (bbr016)
Wake the Machines from Concord, California serve up a vicious blend of noise drenched grind. Blasting noise for cat people. British lads Ocksen specialize in brutal but moshy fastcore. Speedy riffing with a nod to the classics, but far from a snoozy clone band. One side at 33 and one at 45 to piss off the reviewers. 100 on pink wax, 200 on black. Co-release with Midnight Sea Records.

Ahna LP repress (bbr015)
Sadistic repress of the debut long player from the Vancouver drone violence duo, originally released in 2010 by Broadway to Boundary/ Soldier Pumps Records. Features amazing new hand screened artwork by Aja Rose Bond. Genuinely unsettling music- lurching, droning bass/ drum rhythms, tortured vocals and propulsive noise erupting into ugly blasting. Frustrating and cathartic; completely compelling. Co-release with What Is Making Us Sick, limited to 200 copies.

Lab Rat one sided 12" (bbr014)
12 solitary inches of fucking hatred from these ethi-Calgarians. Utterly disgusted thrashing vegan fastcore at it's most brutal! Covers are made from reused record sleeves, painted black and silk screened by the band. Another co-release with the sweet and sexy folk at Rawer Breath Records.

 Six Brew Bantha "Testosterone Effect Demo 2009" 7" EP (bbr013) OUT OF PRINT
Vinyl release of the infamous demo of these Victoria, BC malcontents. Crude, blown out, ugly, raw, noisy. Fierce amalgamation of fastcore, grindcore, and sonic dirgey experimentation. This will harsh your day accordingly. Limited to 256 copies.

Osk/ War Hero 7" EP (bbr012)
Vancouver's Osk lay waste with 4 bursts of tight, frenzied powerviolence. No fast-for-the-sake-of-fast songs about tacos or moronic references to action film stars. This is harsh, negative and fucked up hardcore at it's best. War Hero returns the punch with another side of their signature thrashcore, with a bit more of a PV influence this time round. Co-release with Rawer Breath Records.

Ummm/ War Hero 7" EP (bbr011) OUT OF PRINT
Western Canadian allegiance of violence! Ummm (Calgary, AB) barges through 18 tracks of blurry, spastic lo-fi grind violence, while War Hero (Squamish, BC) counter with 7 tracks of speedy thrashcore.

Mutiny 7" EP (bbr010)
Vicious debut from these Victorians, with current and former members of Iskra, Leper, and Mechanical Separation. Name dropping aside, this is fast, furious, and confrontational thrash/ grind at it's best! Split label release with Just Say No, Rawer Breath, and Creepcore Records.

Wantmonster 7" EP (bbr008)
First release by Nelson BC's punk metal morons, the vinyl version of the band's demo. 5 songs of riffed out thrashtastic simplicity, sure to make the perfect soundtrack to a night of self degrading endeavors.

Circle the Wagons 'Forbidden to Eat Worms' CD (bbr 007)
Guitar thrashin' hardcore punk'n rollers from Nelson, BC offer nine tracks of solo-laden mayhem, condensing everything right about 80's punk and metal into an 18 minute monstrosity.

Invasives 'Miracles' 7" EP (bbr006)
Invasives' sole vinyl release- four songs from four sessions featuring their trademark hyper-catchy riffs, speedy delivery, and polite, efficient tightness. Originally released under their former name Married to Music, now repackaged as Invasives. Actual vinyl still says Married toMusic.

The Circle the Wagons 'We're Not Oldschool... We're Just Old' CDEP and the demo CDRs by Ten String Panelbox, Puss in Bondage, and all the other bands who scrawled 'Black Banana' on their CD in sharpie without our knowledge are all long out of print.