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Monday, December 17, 2012

Up next

Should probably bother to announce that the next release will be the OBACHA/ CHETWRECKER split 7". Obacha is fast as fuck power violence from Squamish, ex-BB superstars WAR HERO. CHETWRECKER is equally gross PV from Oakland, ex-MISANTHROPIC NOISE. This came out on tape a couple months ago but now you can buy it all over again. Listen to the Chetwrecker shit here.
Speakin' of them Chets, check they'z tourdates.

Friday, September 14, 2012

New jams

AHNA/ BRIDGEBURNER and VIOLENT RESTITUTION LPs are out now! Both records came out amazing. Why is DIY extreme music so fucking good in BC right now? The lowdown on both is here, and can be snagged here.

Speaking of Ahna, they're on their way to Europe for a lengthy tour with Iskra! Check the tours page for the finer details.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


SIX BREW BANTHA LPs are finally in! I'm fucking amped to have helped out with what I really think is one of the best grind records in recent years. Read about it here, order it here. I have very few copies so act fast.

VIOLENT RESTITUTION tests sound kill as fuck. Artwork is equally sick, this should be out in time for their Canadian tour next month.

'Nother release? Hold the phone! bbr019 will be a split 12" between Vancouver drone violence duo AHNA and Kamloops' own PV fast-fuck derangers BRIDGEBURNER. Tests are approved already, hopefully not too long before this is out. Check the BRIDGEBURNER tourdates too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


SIX BREW BANTHA have gotten a new van and are back on the road. Rest of the dates are a go, check 'em on the tour page.

VIOLENT RESTITUTION Canada tour dates are up. The LP was recorded last weekend, should be ready for tour. Couple other releases planned for the year, details forthcoming if they actually materialize. Sick local shows all weekend for TAUR-ASS FESTY, I will be resting from eye surgery but I reckon the Scream//Writhe distro will be there for your plundering.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

R'uh R'oh

Unfortunately Six Brew Bantha's come into some really shitty luck on the road. The back tire blew, causing the van to flip 3 times, totalling the van and landing Mark in the hospital for a torn ligament. They've canceled a few shows while they figure out what the next step is. The gear and records apparently made it out okay (I'll have my copies when they return, it's a rager). All things considered it coulda been a lot worse. Send some positive thoughts their way.

In better news... maybe a bit early to hype it already, but the next release will be a 12" by Vancouver's best new band VIOLENT RESTITUTION. They're heading out to record with Code Tron in Victoria, who did a mighty fine job with the Six Brew LP so you know their blasts are in good hands. We're scrambling to have this ready for their tour in August. Van city folk, come see them tonight with HONDURAN at the Moon Tower. Scream//Writhe distro will be in the kitchen so bring some extra bucks.

Monday, April 23, 2012


All Black Banana and distro stock is now being handled by SCREAM//WRITHE, the new co-op distro project of yours truly and ABSURD EXPOSITION. "Like" http://www.facebook.com/screamandwrithe
Info at http://screamandwrithe.blogspot.com/ and check out the online store at http://screamandwrithe.storenvy.com/

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wake the Machines/ Ocksen split 7" out now!

Self explanatory, this shit is ready! Wicked split, get in touch for orders and trades. Read about it h'yaw.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ahna LP out now, more updates

Ahna LP repress is finally ready to go! I realize I announced this project 9 months ago, but it had to be carried to term for all 9 of those months. Read about it here. Really happy to be involved with this one, seriously one of the best bands going right now, and awesome friends to boot. Catch them on tour this April with Squamish PVVIPs Prison Violence.

Speaking of tours, our friends in Invasives are going to Europe again, in support of the Hanson Brothers. Dates are on the tours page.

Couple new distro items, them being the Sea of Shit 7" and the Obacha/ Stillbirth split 7". I'm working on an online store at the moment so ordering will be less of a hassle, hope to have it launched in a not very long while.

Wake the Machine/ Ocksen split 7" is starting to creep into some distros, but I don't have my copies yet. Hopefully I'll have them before too long. Sixbrewbantha LP is at the plant, it'll be out in time for their massive US/ Canada tour this spring.