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Sunday, May 6, 2012

R'uh R'oh

Unfortunately Six Brew Bantha's come into some really shitty luck on the road. The back tire blew, causing the van to flip 3 times, totalling the van and landing Mark in the hospital for a torn ligament. They've canceled a few shows while they figure out what the next step is. The gear and records apparently made it out okay (I'll have my copies when they return, it's a rager). All things considered it coulda been a lot worse. Send some positive thoughts their way.

In better news... maybe a bit early to hype it already, but the next release will be a 12" by Vancouver's best new band VIOLENT RESTITUTION. They're heading out to record with Code Tron in Victoria, who did a mighty fine job with the Six Brew LP so you know their blasts are in good hands. We're scrambling to have this ready for their tour in August. Van city folk, come see them tonight with HONDURAN at the Moon Tower. Scream//Writhe distro will be in the kitchen so bring some extra bucks.

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