Welcome to Black Banana Records, another petty avenue for your adorable little fixation with abrasive music. The label's presently based out of Vancouver, BC, which aspring cartographers will gladly tell you is in Canada. To order or inquire about trades, e-mail blackbananarecords@gmail.com

Sunday, December 18, 2011

First off, just got a bunch new powerviolence and assorted speedy rex in the distro.  BASTARD NOISE, BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA, DEAD LANGUAGE, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/ TITANARUM, NO COMMENT, EXTORTION/ COMPLETED EXPOSITION, SEX PRISONER, SICK-FUCKIN-O, GET DESTROYED, LIFE OF REFUSAL and XBRAINIAX/ LETTUCE VULTURES. For the most part I only have one copy of each, so yeah.

Wake the Machines/ Ocksen split 7" is on the way, should have these pretty damn soon now. It rips, it does it does. Get in touch for trades and wholesale, whydon'tcha.

Black Banana will be releasing the SIXBREWBANTHA LP alongside a bunch of other cool labels. Probably out in spring? New recordings slay all their other releases, which slay pretty hard in and of themselves, so you know the slay factor is pretty damn slaying.

AHNA are in Europe I think, go see them if you come by a poster or somehow know where they're playing.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


More 7"es in, DISLECKSICK/ DECHE-CHARGE, new VILE INTENT 7", DISCIPLES OF CHRIST, ARCHAGATHUS/ ONANIZER, and NEON HOLE/ SUFFERING MIND. Maybe the AHNA repress will be out by the end of the year so I can say I released something this year. Either way, no more 'out soon's' on my end. I'm going to the VACANT STATE LP release at 360 Glen tonight, let's get drunk and talk about starting a powerviolence band that will never happen.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

HAGGATHA LP and 7" added to distro. LP was one of my most played albums last year, this is the repress on Choking Hazard. 7" is killer too. Vancouver, I'll have the distro at the GYIBAAW show at the Moon Tower tonight. Show up early for DEAD TERROR, evil noise from AHNA and BLEEDER members.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wee update

War Hero/ Ummm split 7" is gone, couple distros might still have it if you look around. 7"es from BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA, VILE INTENT, ARCHAGATHUS/ SAKATAT, and KNIFETHRUHEAD/ CASKET BLASTER added to the distro.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Overhauled the whole blog, added distro, releases, and tours pages. Also laid everything out a bit more logically.

bbr016 will be an unholy split 7" between California noize-grinders WAKE THE MACHINES and Liverpool pv extremists OCKSEN. Co-release with Midnight Sea Records. Shit's gonna be epic, details coming soon. Shouldn't be too long for this one.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally updated the distro, no new items but some outs. Waiting on slip covers for the AHNA LP repress, but out soon, I swears it. CIRCLE THE WAGONS canceled the recording session due to line-up hell, but writing has resumed. Expect sometime maybe eventually. Vancouver gang, I'll have the 7" part o me distro to the ISKRA/ SIX BREW BANTHA/ NO EULOGY/ VIVID SEKT/ AHNA show at the Moon Tower tonight.

My friends NUN UN and HOLE IN MY HEAD are doing a west coast tour in a couple weeks. Fans of jangly disturbed punk take note. Datesez-
Sept 21 - Vancouver, BC
Sept 22 - Seattle WA
Sept 23 - Portland OR
Sept 24 - Sacramento CA
Sept 25 - Bakersfield CA
sept 26 - Los Angeles CA
sept 27 - Long Beach CA
sept 28 - San Diego CA
sept 29 - Los Angeles CA
sept 30 - Oakland CA
Oct 1 - Portland OR
Oct 2 - Olympia WA
Oct 3 - Squamish BC

Saturday, July 23, 2011

OSK dates

OSK are doin' a quick tour to Arson Fest in Winnipeg with HAGGATHA and HAND OF THE HORSEWITCH.

August 1 - Kamloops - @ Pogue Mahones
August 2 - Calgary - @ The Area 1119 10 Ave SE (No Osk)
August 3 - Edmonton - w/Cygnus, Mahria@ Inglewood hall 12515 116ave
August 4 - Saskatoon - w/ State of Minefields @ Maguires 32-2105 8th st E
August 5 - Arson Fest - Party Time
August 6 - Arson Fest - Osk/ Haggatha
August 7 - Arson Fest - Hand of the Horsewitch
August 9 - Calgary - Osk w/Punch (No Haggatha or Hand of the Horsewitch)
August 10 - Kamloops @ LpBvHdoom

Thursday, June 30, 2011

"I'm not close minded about shitty bands like Anthrax."

I'll have the distro at the pre- and post- Fastcore Fest shows tonight and Sunday in Vancouver. Tonight's OSK, OBACHA, BRIDGEBURNER, SKUFF and WAUZTED @ the Alf House. It will frackin' kill. Sunday's RAPE REVENGE, ORDSTRO, NEGATIVE STANDARDS, STARES, UNLEARN and AHNA @ the Chateau. I'll also be at Fastcore Fest in Squamish on Saturday if you can't make it to either of those shows but want me to bring you some vinyl goodies. Mailorder back up n running since the Harper majority thwarted any bargaining power Canada Post may have had by legislating them back to work so they can continue to be miserable delivering you shitty grind records from my stupid distro. Speaking of shitty music and my stupid distro, added some items from HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH, KALI, ULTIMATE BLOWUP, QUATTRO STAGIONI, TRIAC, DEFEATIST, ASRA, and LOW THREAT PROFILE. Dropped the price of CDs to $5 cause let' face it, when was the last time you bought a fucking CD? Snap that shit up and sell it to cheap Charlie for all I care.

In other news, the AHNA LP repress should be out right quick. Perfect music for when you're reflecting on just how many poor choices led you to this exact moment in your life. CIRCLE THE WAGONS has studio time booked early September, size undetermined but it will be vinyl. If anyone wants to help out with its release, holla.

SIX BREW BANTHA are touring western Canada this summer with fellow Victoria bands ISKRA and NO EULOGY. Check deez dates and help fill any days off if you promote shows and are swell. Trying to get the SBB 7" repressed in time for the tour, pending the plant actually getting back to me.

Thursday August 18th Victoria, BC
Friday August 19th Vancouver, BC @ The Chateau Noir
Saturday August 20th Kamloops, BC @ Shred The Loops Fest
Sunday August 21st Kelowna, BC
Monday August 22nd Camping
Tuesday August 23rd Calgary, AB
Wednesday August 24th Edmonton, AB
Thursday August 25th Edmonton, AB
Friday August 26th Saskatoon, SK (NEED HELP!)
Saturday August 27th Winnipeg, MB @ Foul Copse Fest
Sunday August 28th Winnipeg, MB @ The Death Trap
Monday August 29th Camping/possibly Dauphin, MB?
Tuesaday August 30th Saskatoon, SK/anywhere in Saskatchewan (NEED HELP!)
Wednesday August 31st Calgary, AB
Thursday September 1st Kamloops, BC @ Little Big House
Friday September 2nd Squamish, BC
Saturday September 3rd Vancouver, BC
Sunday September 4th Campbell River, BC

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AHNA on tour

WED JUNE 8th - Quebec City, L'Agitee
THURS JUNE 9th - Montreal, Death Church
FRI JUNE 10th - Kingston, Mansion
SAT JUNE 11th - Kitchener, The Jamhole DAY SHOW
SAT JUNE 11th - Toronto, the 460
...MON JUNE 13th - Hamilton, 68 St James
TUES JUNE 14th - London, Top Secret House
THURS JUNE 16th - Kamloops, Little Big House
FRI JUNE 17th - Edmonton, TBA
SAT JUNE 18th - Calgary, The Area

Plus some local shows
SAT JUNE 25th - Vancouver, Pat's Pub
SUN JULY 3 - Vancouver, Chateau

Thursday, May 12, 2011

bbr015... Distro updates...

Back in Vancouver, thanks a lot to all the promoters and friends and bands and Dayglos that made the DAYGLO ABORTIONS/ CIRCLE THE WAGONS tour such a frickfuckin' blast. CIRCLE THE WAGONS is writing for a new LP to be out this year, first album in 6 years and I dare say, the new
stuff is sounding pretty tasty.

So bbr015's on the way, first release in a year, ulp. Have I said a damn thing about it yet? Oh shit, that's right! The AHNA LP repress will be on Black Banana! If you're a smart smartypants you already own this but if you're collector scum you're gonna need this too, since it comes with awesome new screened artwork. AHNA hail from Vancouver, and Vancouver hails AHNA. Two piece bass/ drums/ noise drone violence that is harsh and unsettling. The album held semi-permanent residence on my turntable, and I'm downright giddy to help with the repress.This record is the most disturbing and ugly thing to be adorned with the shameful Banana crest. While your jonesing for the second issue of this vinyl noose,  go find a copy of their new split 7" with SHEARING PINX, cuz that shit will also fist your brain hole. Scope 'em on MySpace and Facebook and concede that music was indeed a cute fad.

Finally added a few items to the distro I picked up months ago. Shit from PUNCH, WADGE/ ENDLESS BLOCKADE, ICE NINE, and SUFFERING MIND now available for your blind hoarding.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hold'er tight

Shutting down operations until I get back from the CIRCLE THE WAGONS tour with the DAYGLO ABORTIONS. All Black Banana titles and possibly the 7" distro will be available at the shows. There's still a couple dates we're waiting on, but so far tour looks like this

April 14th- Vancouver @ Funky Winker Beans
April 15th- Vernon @ Club 29/29
April 16th- Revelstoke @ Outabounds Nightclub
April 17th- Canmore @ Drake Hotel
April 18th- Regina @ Gaslight Saloon
April 20th- Edmonton @ The Pawn Shop
April 21st- Calgary @ Dickens Pub
April 22nd- High River @ Gruvstone Lounge
April 23rd- Lethbridge @ Tattoo Convention venue TBA
April 24th- Innisfail @ The Zoo
April 25th- Medicine Hat @ The Royal Hotel

Also, Canuckleheads, don't forget to check out INVASIVES and THE KETTLE BLACK as they forge their way through Canada. Check the dates in the blog post below or go to their website for the updated tour schedule. 

Wheels finally starting to spin for a couple new releases, more on that later.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New 7"es in distro/ Tours and tours

Added some new titles to the distro- CRUCIAL SECTION, LOUTISH, STRAINS OF THE APOCALYPSE, SLAPENDEHONDEN/ TERRORAZOR, and SFN. That SFN EP has got to retroactively be my favorite 7" of 2010. Brutal fucking left field powerviolence all the waaaaaaay yo. Or something. Of course all these records are worthy of your time and five-spot. Vancouver skids, I'll be at the ALF HOUSE show on Sunday w/ FROM THE DEPTHS, PLAGUE MASS and AHNA, there's not a spare inch in that house to set up a distro but get in touch and I can bring anything you might want.

SIX BREW BANTHA are touring the west coast of the US next month with LUNGE from Portland. Dates as follows
March 3rd Tacoma, WA @ The Red Room w/ Bully, Bad Genes
March 4th Seattle, WA @ Fort Drunkenfall w/ Numb, Dark Depths
March 5th Portland, OR @ Pez House w/ Hummingbird of Death
March 6th Eugene, OR @ TBA - HELP!
March 7th Help in Northern California?
March 8th Concord, CA @ House Show
March 9th Oakland, CA @ The Hazmat w/Ordstro, Stares, Tragic Ends, Wake the Machines
March 10th San Jose, CA @ Texas Toast House w/Godstomper, Ordstro
March 11th Los Angeles, CA @ House Show w/ Endless Demise, BrucexCampbell, Actuary, Jig's Up, Master Blaster, Warwhore
March 12th Los Angeles, CA @ House Show w/ ACxDC, Assworship, Whatshame?, Hoy Pinoy, Goner
March 13th San Fransisco @ Five Points Art House w/ Ordstro, Negative Standards, Burial Tide, Black America
March 15th Arcata, CA @ The Big Tree w/ Stress Relief
March 16th Portland, OR @ TBA

INVASIVES are also hitting the road for their first full cross-Canada excursion... funny that those guys can hit up Serbia and Bosnia before making it to Halifax. Anyhow all dates through May 6th are with The Kettle Black. Couple dates to be added still but more or less:
04.01.11 Victoria, BC Logan's w/ The Kettle Black
04.02.11 Vancouver, BC Funky Winkerbeans w/ The Kettle Black
04.07.11 Kamloops, BC Little Big House w/ The Kettle Black
04.11.11 Lethbridge, AB The Slice w/ The Kettle Black
04.13.11 Calgary, AB Vern's w/ The Kettle Black
04.14.11 Saskatoon, SK Cafe Sola w/ The Kettle Black
04.15.11 Regina, SK The Club w/ The Kettle Black
04.16.11 Brandon,MB The Brandon Inn / The Kettle Black
04.17.11 Winnipeg, MB War on Music AA w/ The Kettle Black
04.19.11 Sault Ste Marie, ON The Medicine Factory w/ The Kettle Black
04.20.11 Sudbury, ON The Townehouse w/ The Kettle Black
04.21.11 Streetsville, ON Marcellos w/The kettle Black
04.22.11 Oshawa, ON Atria w/ The Kettle Black
04.23.11 Hamilton, ON This Ain’t Hollywood w/ The Kettle Black
04.27.11 Kingston, ON Masion w/ The Kettle Black
04.29.11 Toronto, ON Siesta Nouveaux/studio BLR w/ The Kettle Black
04.30.11 Peterborough, ON The Spill w/ The Kettle Black
05.01.11 Ottawa, ON Rainbow w/ The Kettle Black
05.03.11 Montreal, QC Casa del Popolo w/ The Kettle Black
05.04.11 Saint John, NB Sunstar Lounge w/ The Kettle Black
05.05.11 Charlettown, PEI Baba's w/ The Kettle Black
05.06.11 Halifax, NS Gus's w/ The Kettle Black
05.07.11 Moncton, NB Plan B
05.11.11 Winnipeg, MB Royal Albert
05.12.11 Saskatoon, SK Amigos
05.13.11 Edmonton, AB DV8
05.14.11 Calgary, AB Palamino

CIRCLE THE WAGONS western Canadian tourdates coming soon. bbr015 and 016 being announced soon, more on that lay-turr.

Monday, February 7, 2011


...I added a couple new jams to the distro, all really good (AxRxM 7", Conflict Resolution 7", Fake Out/ Female Snake split 7"). Fans of violent power take note.
 Also check out the new Circle the Wagons Reverbnation page Western Canadian tourdates with the Dayglo Abortions forthcoming.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Small distro update

Couple new rex in ye olde distroe... AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN/ OSK split 7"... AG are raging grinding violence from the UK that are one of the best bands these ears have heard in some time. OSK you should know by now, four splits in and they haven't had a misstep yet. Crazed fast fucking powerviolence that crams as many riffs as possible onto one side of a 45. Brilliant release.

Also got in the GODEATER/ KURT RUSSEL split 7". GODEATER play some wicked brutal powerviolence along the lines of CROSSED OUT and KURT RUSSELL sound exactly like you think a band called KRT RUSSELL would sound. Solid slab.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tonight and tomorrow...

War Hero's last shows ever (Vancouver tonight, Squamish tomorrow). I'll be at the show tonight at the Chateau Noir with Osk, Six Brew Bantha, Young Oppression and Ahna. This lineup is so good I expect a parade. I'll have the 7" distro and if you want a 12" or CD drop me a line and I can bring it down.
Speaking of the Bantha, this rad Italian blog did a lengthy review of the 7", check it here


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Distro updated

Hiyo, I finally got around to updating the distro. A couple of outs, but I re-added some jams from OVER VERT and the WAR HERO/ UMMM split. I'll have the 7" distro at the HAGGATHA show tonight. Also I'm "selling" off some 7"es from my personal collection, all of these are by donation.

THE CUBRS- 'Slacker' EP
SCOUT- 'Tomato'
BADGER- 'Unhappy Life'
EMILY- 'Tinkertoy'
HALF EMPTY- 'Welcome Home'
SKIMMER- 'All I Know is Wrong'
SLEEPASAURUS- 'Master of Muppets'
THE WORM- 'Overflow'
SHOEGAZER- 'Dig a Hole/ Picture Perfect'
CHOPPER- 'Said And Done'
BREAKWATER- 'Five Seven'

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vancouver thrashers...

Audiopile, Red Cat, Neptoon, Scratch, and Zulu Records are now carrying select Banana jams. Go buy them so I can earn my paltry commision and can upgrade to a higher quality brand of ramen. Also, I'll be at Gord's 30th birthday show tomorrow night with Haggatha/ Shearing Pinx/ Obacha/ SFB/ Heavy Chains, if you want anything from the distro drop me a line and I'll bring it down.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


I finally done went and made a bloody Facebook page for all y'all to 'like'.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Banana 2.0

Well, where the hell do I start? Since MySpace has gone completely out of their way to alienate the people that use them, this blog site became a necessity. I haven't been particularly active for the last few months for a few reasons you'd be happier not reading about, but I'm now settled in Vancouver and I'm trying to get the label and distro back on track. No releases coming up in the immediate, though there's some ideas being kicked around. More on those if and when they get past the drunken bullshitting stage. In the meantime here's some shit you should know about your Bananafam...

-SIX BREW BANTHA 7" is sold out, from me at least. I know a couple distros still have it. In Vancouver you can try Audiopile, Neptoon and Red Cat. They're touring the west coast in March, scope their page for the deets.
-WAR HERO are trying to piss us all off by breaking up. Last two shows in Vancouver and Squamish on January 28th and 29th, respectively. I'll most likely have the distro at the Vancouver show. Their split with OSK is still available, grab it if you haven't already. I also found a couple copies of the UMMM split, once they're gone, they're gone. Three quarters of the band can now be seen in the equally awesome OBACHA.
-CIRCLE THE WAGONS back after 4 and a half years? Question marks denote rhetoric and therefore I can't be held accountable.

Anyhow sorry for the months of absence, I really should have called to check up on you guys. Here's to a thrashing 2011, Year of the 'Nana.