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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ahna LP out now, more updates

Ahna LP repress is finally ready to go! I realize I announced this project 9 months ago, but it had to be carried to term for all 9 of those months. Read about it here. Really happy to be involved with this one, seriously one of the best bands going right now, and awesome friends to boot. Catch them on tour this April with Squamish PVVIPs Prison Violence.

Speaking of tours, our friends in Invasives are going to Europe again, in support of the Hanson Brothers. Dates are on the tours page.

Couple new distro items, them being the Sea of Shit 7" and the Obacha/ Stillbirth split 7". I'm working on an online store at the moment so ordering will be less of a hassle, hope to have it launched in a not very long while.

Wake the Machine/ Ocksen split 7" is starting to creep into some distros, but I don't have my copies yet. Hopefully I'll have them before too long. Sixbrewbantha LP is at the plant, it'll be out in time for their massive US/ Canada tour this spring.