Welcome to Black Banana Records, another petty avenue for your adorable little fixation with abrasive music. The label's presently based out of Vancouver, BC, which aspring cartographers will gladly tell you is in Canada. To order or inquire about trades, e-mail blackbananarecords@gmail.com

Sunday, December 18, 2011

First off, just got a bunch new powerviolence and assorted speedy rex in the distro.  BASTARD NOISE, BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA, DEAD LANGUAGE, HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/ TITANARUM, NO COMMENT, EXTORTION/ COMPLETED EXPOSITION, SEX PRISONER, SICK-FUCKIN-O, GET DESTROYED, LIFE OF REFUSAL and XBRAINIAX/ LETTUCE VULTURES. For the most part I only have one copy of each, so yeah.

Wake the Machines/ Ocksen split 7" is on the way, should have these pretty damn soon now. It rips, it does it does. Get in touch for trades and wholesale, whydon'tcha.

Black Banana will be releasing the SIXBREWBANTHA LP alongside a bunch of other cool labels. Probably out in spring? New recordings slay all their other releases, which slay pretty hard in and of themselves, so you know the slay factor is pretty damn slaying.

AHNA are in Europe I think, go see them if you come by a poster or somehow know where they're playing.